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Sell-side M&A Advisory

Elēkrŏn Ventures has access to a niche group of investors for each business vertical and sector. Our M&A advisory services include a number of services like sale of a majority stakes, sale of minority stakes for capital growth, or similar. We provide thoughtful representation to our clients at every stage of an M&A transaction. Our experience has taught us that successful deals result from a thoughtful, customized, and multi-faceted transaction process that maximizes value and financial consideration while minimizing risk for the client. Engagement Involves:

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Identifying a comprehensive list of potential strategic and financial buyers, including cross-border M&A parties


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Defining M&A objectives and performing a valuation analysis


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Advising on a Plan that makes the business more attractive to potential buyers


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Assisting in the preparation of a thorough, confidential memorandum and investor deck which best highlights the prospects and opportunities offered by the business to potential acquirers


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Advising the CEO and management team on the best way of making investor pitches


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Overseeing management presentations and the due diligence process


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Elēkrŏn Ventures has access to a select group of highly professional attorneys and accountants that are ready to anticipate and manage potential issues that may arise during the transaction process

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