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Most of the startups are eager to grow and take over the scene, the majority have the energy and the knowledge, but lack the experience. Elēkrŏn offers services from Financial, Legal to administrative support that can help startups through their growth stage.

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Financial Support

Our financial advisors are ready to help set up the financial structure of the company from financial projecting, accounting all the way to reviewing.

Creating Financial Projections


Financial Support
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Legal Support

One of the hardest parts about launching a startup is getting all of the related legal affairs in order. Elēkrŏn helps by granting you access to legal assistance for your startup.



Contract Management

Legal Support
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Due Diligence Support

Due Diligence is needed whenever a company is getting investments or acquired by another. Elēkrŏn  specialists help you by acquiring financial, operating and background information about investors, companies and all the various necessities in order to make the right decision.

Due Diligence Suppot
Investment Readiness
Investment Chart

Investment Ready

This service is designed to coach entrepreneurs and business owners through making the proper preparations to receive funding from investors or VCs. Our dedicated staff brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise when you are seeking external funding. 


Pitch Decks



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Mentorship and Coaching

In the early stages of a company’s lifespan or later down the road, having the right mentorship can go a long way to avoid fatal mistakes that could jeopardize the company’s health or even its existence. Through its wide and varied expertise Elēkrŏn can grant you access to:

65+ years of experience in various fields

Constructively enhance operations and business applications

Optimize efficiency

Maximize effectiveness

Monitor performance and capitalize on the refinement of weaknesses

Strategic Redirection



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