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Buy-Side Acquisition Advisory

Elēkrŏn has experts in different industry sectors that have deep knowledge of major players with connections in different industries. Elēkrŏn's network includes senior leaders from diverse industry verticals who are inspired to offer consultancy and advisory on buy-side acquisition for the following:

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Image by Clay Banks

Elēkrŏn identifies potential acquisition opportunities on a pre-agreed criterion with the company  


Image by Chris Liverani

Elēkrŏn works with potential buyers that have already shown interest in the company


Image by Giammarco Boscaro

Elēkrŏn along with its legal and accounting consultants are an extension of the buyers’ team in each step of the acquisition


Image by Kelly Sikkema

Elēkrŏn plays an active role in the Due diligence and the complete transfer process

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